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It's like "Zapier for Accounting" - Connect anything to everything

Automate Workflow


Automate Engagement Documents


Automate Client Data

  • Digilence delivers the only subscription-based integration platform dedicated to the Accounting Firm ecosystem.
  • Pre-built turnkey integrations for all your key systems
  • Connect and integrate all your engagement and client data systems together into a single data fabric
  • Leverage pre-built API integrations with all the leading systems
  • Comprehensive cloud integration to support data fields not available in vendor APIs
  • No coding necessary - Digilence delivers everything you to need to have plug-n-play integrations with your cloud systems

CRM, PM, Engagement, Workflow, Documents

  • Create a single version of truth across client data and client workflow
  • Enable value-add automations around WK/CCH, Thomson Reuters, and IRIS systems
  • Leverages accounting-specific AI and ML data models to validate, consolidate, and unify your client data
  • Identify and improved data gaps and inconsistencies that stand in the way of becoming a Digital Firm
  • Bring your internal client data to life with a digital platform so you can leverage AI to its fullest

The best of AI for your internal data

  • Leverage full integration and automation interoperability between your cloud solutions and legacy solutions
  • Achieve UI automation in a fully autonomous manner to scale integration with legacy systems.   Include "hard to get" data points, even if they're not supported in APIs
  • Manage data agents and data handlers across your ecosystem of data sources
  • Treat documents as data sources, essentially integrating all client engagement content regardless of where it lives

No-code integration for Accounting Firms

  • A system that "knows” what each step is doing what across all the fragmented systems in your workflow
  • A system that "knows" where the data or automation gaps are, and knows when human intervention is required. Insert the human only when or where needed
  • A system that knows the optimum digital flow, and knows when to call each system for each step and the best way to source and normalize the data
  • An intelligent AI engine that can orchestrate any flow across legacy systems to assemble, deliver, engage, review and track any engagement flow

No-code automation for Accounting Firms

Enable AI across your client data

* Leverage AI to validate all of your incoming client documents
* Leverage AI to turn all your client documents into structured data
* Create value and ROI leveraging your data and analytics

All your engagement data in one place
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