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Leave Your Accounting Work to Us.

Digilence’s cloud-based digital intelligence solution for accounting firms, the Digilence Cloud, accelerates the digitization of inefficient, repetitive processes across Audit, Tax, Client Accounting and other back-office functions.

One Platform to

Cloud Integration

Our Cloud Integration systems connect and consolidate the ecosystem of tools and data across your firm, making your accounting easier than ever!


Cloud Automation

Proven and tailored cloud services leveraging AI, ML and intelligent document processing (IDP) to automate processes and turn your documents into data.


Cloud Applications

An all-in-one digital-first application suite to transform the user experience for your accounting firm and for all of your clients.

The Problem

Most accounting firms struggle to effectively leverage emerging technologies to help them automate, scale, and grow. Technology is too complex, they don't integrate, business processes are inconsistent, and the majority of tasks are repetitive and mundane.

The Solution

Practice areas often run in silos with duplicate technologies and individualized processes making technology-driven transformation too costly and too time-consuming. A firm that's ready to compete for the future is able to Think Digital First, focusing on firm-wide transformation, consistency and the necessary shifts in mindset to take advantage of technology-driven change.

Traditional Firm Digital Firm
Partner Preference First Digital First
Individual Knowledge Institutional Knowledge
Everyone follows their own process Everyone follows a single process
Vendor systems are outdated Vendor systems are advanced
Desktop Systems Cloud Systems
Fragmented and Disparate ecosystem Consolidated ecosystem
Processes and systems are antiquated Processes and sytems are intelligent (AI)
Tasks are complex and manual Tasks are simplified and automated
Work is repetitive and mundane Work is stimulating and challenging
Difficult to find talent Attract the best and the brightest
Inconsistent client experience World-class client experience
Stagnant, commodity provider (Historian) High quality, differentiated provider (Advisor)

Maximize your ROI

Accounting firms that use the Digilence Cloud achieve a minimum of 400% ROI in year one compared to alternatives and a reduction of costs by 35% to 80% across tax, audit and compliance.

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Accounting firms that use the Digital Cloud achieve a minimum of 400% ROI in year one compared to alternatives and a reduction of costs by 35% to 80% across tax, audit, and compliance.

Automate Client Data


Automate Workflow


Automate Engagement Documents

Our Accounting Automation
Our Accounting Automation

We integrate with all of the leading software providers in the accounting industry. No need for costly, custom integrations. By integrating data, documents and workflow with your existing systems, we make it possible to Power the Digital Firm.

Our Accounting Cloud
Our Accounting Cloud

We are the only automation platform that combines the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning with document processing, workflow and analytics.

  • ai

    Artificial Intelligence

  • machine-learning

    Machine Learning

  • doc-processing

    Document Processing

  • workflow


  • analytics


Our Accounting Cloud
Our Accounting Cloud

Our suite of applications work together to support critical firm operations. They work with your third-party systems, orchestrating and automating human and digital touchpoints in all aspects of a firm's service lifecycles.

Maximize Your Efficiency

with Software Built for the Financial Industry

Optimize your Firm with Digilence

As leaders in the Fintech industry, we know that many financial firms struggle to leverage digital tools to achieve sustainable growth and efficiency. You have a system that functions but you need something better.

An All in One Digital Solution:
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Update and synchronize workflows
  • Manage client files with simplicity and ease
  • Streamline your entire system

Digilence Makes it Easy to be more effective

Digilence gives you a cloud-based digital intelligence solution that's both intuitive and easy to use. Built especially for the financial industry, Digilence is designed to improve every major aspect of your operation:

Stand out from the competition:
  • Reduce Cost
  • Ensure better compliance
  • Improve Communication
  • Better serve your clientele
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