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Digilence’s cloud-based digital intelligence solution for accounting firms, the Digilence Cloud, accelerates the digitization of inefficient, repetitive processes across Audit, Tax, Client Accounting and other back-office functions.

Trusted by Leading Accounting Firms

“BIG FIRM CAPABILITIES without a big firm PRICE”

“Digilence’s artificial intelligence and automation platform has allowed us to take advantage of industry-changing technology capabilities that otherwise would not be attainable for a firm of our size. We’ve been able to realize an ROI in less than 60 days, and have plans to scale more automations with the Digilence platform.”

Barry C. Brown CIO/COO

We would have struggled internally.  Digilence was the right choice

  • Our firm has had the desire to use technology resources to create efficiencies for some time.
  • This year our Strategic Plan included a goal of developing or partnering for a specific project.
  • We felt it was preferred to find a partner with expertise vs. try to develop it ourselves or hire internally.
  • We feel strongly that Digilence was correct approach in hindsight.  We found that even the simplest of tasks that a human performs have multiple layers of decision making involved that need to be included in the solution.
  • The staff at Digilence was knowledgeable and thorough in the analysis of our specific process and promptly made every adjustment needed along the way to scale for success.

Lynn Lister – Partner & COO
GranthamPoole PLLC


“Our firm has been evaluating AI and automation technology for a while. The emergence of the Digilence Platform is a game-changer for the industry. It’s better technology, and the ability to alter the technology to work with your current processes allows greater acceptance of the technology throughout the firm.  We are already expanding the use of the Digilence platform into other cost-saving areas.”

Tax Innovation Lead
Top 50 Firm


“Digilence worked with us to balance a path toward our automation journey.  We started with the E-File monitoring process, and that alone has provided great benefit and savings. We are now expanding with the E-File validation service and working to customize the E-file processing to our unique needs.”

Tax Operations Lead


“I’ve personally known and worked with the Digilence founders through my work at the Information Technology Alliance and RSM McGladrey.  They’ve been doing this kind of work for 15+ years  and are committed and passionate to bring this technology to the broader market with accessibility and simplicity for all. If you are considering moving forward with automation or cognitive technologies in your firms, I’d encourage you take a hard look at the Digilence platform.  Our competition is adopting this technology, and it’s time that all firms embrace this new reality.”

Technology & Digital Transformation Advisor
Stan Mork


Imagine taking these tasks off your team’s plate, reducing human error, and increasing processing speed by 4x. That’s the Digilence Cloud.

How Accounting Firms Use Digilence…

  • Tax Processing
  • Tax e-Filing
  • Tax Assembly
  • Tax Review
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Roll-Forward
  • Client Data Collection (PBC)
  • Workflow Automation
Accounting & Auditing
  • Audit (binder) finalization
  • Audit Review
  • Audit Roll-Forward
  • Audit Workflow
  • Client Data Collection
  • Employee Benefits Audits
  • SALT Compliance/Audits
  • Real Estate Assessments
  • Client Accounting
    (Billing, invoicing, data entry, communication)
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Invoice Collection
  • Client Communication/PBC
  • Scheduling
  • Data conversion
  • HR 
  • Compliance/Onboarding
  • Firm reporting/Analytics

Accounting firms that use the Digilence Cloud achieve a minimum of 400% ROI in year one compared to alternatives and a reduction of costs by 35% to 80% across tax, audit and compliance.


Most accounting firms struggle to effectively leverage emerging technologies to help them automate, scale, and grow. The Digilence Cloud helps accounting firms of any size level the playing field with an all-in-one, subscription-based solution that makes digitization more accessible, more affordable, and more accurate.


Artificial Intelligence




Document Processing





Digilence Artificial Intelligence

Making best-of-breed artificial intelligence and machine learning technology available on a subscription basis

The Digilence Cloud integrates human and artificial intelligence where you need it most using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Digilence Automation

Digitize and automate processes in tax, audit, assurance and operations.

Digilence integrates and automates all of the accounting systems you use saving you at least 30% of time you spend on each client per year.

Digilence Document Processing

Automate the retrieval, processing and storage of all of your documents.

The Digilence document processing engine automatically detects handwriting, all federal and state tax documents, audit evidence and more. Completely automate all of your manual data entry and improve your client experience.

Digilence Integration Platform

The industry’s first integration platform as a service

Easily connect with all of the tools you use today, and through the power of artificial intelligence and automation, digitize your repetitive and manual processes.

Digilence Analytics

Visibility and insights into your accounting firm that wasn’t possible before automation.

The powerful combination of artificial intelligence, automation, document processing and integration means unprecedented access to how your accounting firm performs.

We Know Exactly What You’re Thinking…

“How Much Does This Cost & How Hard is it to Implement?”

The Digilence Cloud is built to adapt to your firm’s needs, systems and processes. Monthly subscription fees start as low as $500 per month and firms experience, on average, an ROI of at least 400% in the first year.


The Digilence Cloud is cloud-based and available on a monthly subscription basis, so there’s nothing to install or maintain

Digilence Cloud works with all your existing financial applications, so integration is seamless

Ongoing enhancements mean your firm is always improving efficiency and effectiveness, automatically

Created by Entrepreneurs, Digital Thought Leaders and Accounting Industry Veterans

The Digilence team has decades of experience in the accounting industry, and we’ve helped firms drive technology and process transformation on a global scale.

We’ve combined that history with some of the most challenging and common technology problems accounting firms face, and we’re focused on powering the accounting firm of the future with the Digilence Cloud.

We Know Accounting

Our products are infused with decades of experience in the accounting industry. We understand the pain points accounting firms face and we speak in your language.

We Know Automation

We’ve been helping firms navigate successful automation strategies for decades with the use of many different technologies. We know what works and what doesn’t. The Digilence Cloud is the culmination of every best practice and lesson learned we’ve encountered.

Trusted by Leading Assocations

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